iso smallThe international ISO 9001 standard is accepted and recognized in more than 140 countries of the world, and represents the set of requirements to quality management system of the enterprise.

Properly developed, correctly implemented and certificated Quality Management System gives a number of strategic and economic advantages to the enterprise:

  - competitive advantages with participation in national and international tenders, exhibitions, the auction;
  - improvement in the quality of production /services;
  - increase of investment appeal;
  - optimization of document control of the company;
  - meeting the requirements of suppliers and consumers;
  - certification of output product for a term of up to five years;
  - minimizing of defective products and nonconforming products;
  - possibility of an entry into the new, including international markets;
   - receiving additional benefits in advertizing and advance in the market.

For your existing customers:

  - assurance in constancy of product quality of your company;
  - appeal and reliability of the company to start new common projects;
  - a solvency of your business and stability of the company in the market
  - confidence in reliability of your company as business partner;

To you as to the head:

  - increase of controllability of the company;
  - increase of profitability due to cost reduction;
  - image of the progressive manager.

The certificate is valid for three years (five years — in national system of UkrSEPRO) with possibility of further prolongation. For the purpose of conformity validation to requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, the certification body carries out annual audit during all period of validity of this certificate.