sez smallSanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion (SEC) or the health certificate are the documents confirming that sanitary and hygienic tests were done over the products and satisfed all health regulations and standards of Ukraine. Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion confirms safety of production for health and life of humans and the environment.

Obtaining the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population " No. 4004-XII from February 24, 1994.

It is necessary to make out the Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion for next products:

   1. toys
   2. ware
   4. household appliances
   5. household chemicals
   6. cosmetics
   7 .equipment related to food products
   8. personal protection equipment
   9. office accessories

Required list of documents forsanitary and epidemiological examination:

  • signed and stampedapplication (first, you fill in online application, than we check it and after that you’ll send us the scanned copy of the original application with your signature); *
  • contract and the full specification to the contract;
  • requisites of applicant company;
  • detailed description of the products;
  • all available certificates: hygienic, origins, safety, etc.