dekl soot tr smallThe declaration of conformity to Technical Regulations - the document confirming that the produced products conform to requirements of Technical regulations. The declaration of conformityissued by the producer on the basis of verified evidence of conformity of products or on the basis of the test report of the accredited laboratory.

The form of the declaration is specified in relevant technical regulations. Declarations for confirmation of their reliability are provided together with the set of documents by Technical Regulations for registration in accredited (or the representative) ) the conformity assessment body.

The choice of the scheme of declaring is urged to minimize risks of a doubtful assessment of possible damage from use of this or that production, ie it turns out the extent of the potential danger of the product, its safety in operation.

It is the business owner or the legal entity registered in the territory of Ukraine who has the right to submit the declaration of conformity. The declaration of conformity often demands registration of the voluntary certificate as evidential base of compliance of production. As proofs, protocols imposed their own researches and tests, fully equipped technical documentation.

Obtaining the declaration of conformity is regulated by the following laws and regulations:

  • o Law of Ukraine "On standardization" from May 17, 2001, Law of Ukraine "On confirmation of conformity" from May 17, 2001, Law of Ukraine "On standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures" from December 1, 2005;
  • o technical regulations conformity confirmation modules, the requirements for marking by the national mark of conformity.
  • o technical regulations which extend on the declared goods, and also explanations to them.
  • Products that fall within the ambit of technical regulation:
  • o children's toys;
  • washing and cleaning products;
  • o personal protective equipment;
  • o electrical equipment with the operating voltage of 50 to 1000 V variable and from 75 to 1500 V of a direct current;
  • machine tools and industrial equipment;
  • explosion-proof equipment;
  • pressure equipment operating at greater than atmospheric pressure to 0.05 kPa;
  • equipment working at gaseous fuel.

In order to issue the declaration of conformity it is necessary to provide the following information:

  • description of goods;
  • customs tariff number;
  • partyseries for how many years;
  • delivery contract *;
  • Invoice *;
  • product description;
  • proof sample (or test report) **;
  • specifications (diagrams, drawings, technical standards);
  • passport or safety data sheets (if applicable);
  • declarations and certificates of other countries (if available).

* The Party

** Household chemicals, Siza, cosmetics, hygiene products, children's assortment, pressurized containers - is necessary.