Technical Regulations - the law of Ukraine or the regulatory act adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in which there are identical product characteristics either the connected with it processes or manufacturing methods, and also service requirements, including regulations, observation of which is obligatory.

It may contain requirements to terminology, designations, packing, marking or labeling which are applied to certain production, process or a way of production. After passing of all necessary procedures the Certificate of conformity to technical regulations is issued or the Declaration of compliance is accepted (is registered).

The purpose of the technical regulations is to form the minimum set of requirements for the safety in use production or object, as follows:

  • safety of life and health of citizen;
  • protection of the state and municipal property and objects;
  • protection of personal property of citizen and corporate property;
  • environment protection and nature protection actions;
  • elimination of the falsifications with mislead consumers.

Technical regulations are the analog of EU directives and have wide use in the international practices. They are destined, on the one hand, to expand the usage of innovative technology without limiting progress by the specific technical solutions as it was earlier established by standards, and on the other hand they are based on safety requirements for consumers.