Sign CE (from Fr. Conformite European is the European compliance) indicates compliance of goods to requirements of directives of the EU of New approach which establishing the general requirements and rules of conformity for some product groups.

CE marking is obligatory for all productsthat supplyto the European market, getting under the EU directives. CE sign is the sign of security which indicates that the product is to conformto the EN European standards, including the ecology, health protection and safety of work. It is declaration that the manufacturer takes full responsibility for failing to product requirements of the principles of the New and Global Approach.

The main objectives of CE marking:

  • to indicate that the product satisfies the mandatory requirements of EU directives;
  • to ensure the product supply to the EU market;
  • to ensure the free movement of goods in the markets of EU member states.

To getCE mark (CEmarking) the producer of goods has to undergo a series of compulsory procedures:

  • to evaluate an assessment of risks, i.e. to be convinced of safety of the produced product on compliance to EU directives of the EU;
  • to make the detailed instruction about using of these products;
  • to test the product;
  • to make a proper application for the labeling of products. In other words it’s the technical file.

For obtaining the European Certificate our experts will select the best option corresponding to area of ​​activity of the applicant company, and satisfying all the requirements starting with the work cost and terms, and other individual wishes:

  • advising on the procedure for obtaining the European certificate with all possible explanations;
  • conducting CЄ auditing and risk assessment;
  • assistance in the preparation of the technical file;
  • assistance in the preparation of technical documentation for manufactured products;
  • full maintenance of procedure of receiving CE certification of CE with issue of the specified certificates.

Correct preparation of the technical file is very important when carrying-out the procedure of the European certification. While the document after it’s approval entitles the authority to assess compliance with the certification of the product established European directives. CE mark certificate is issued as result of all conformity assessment procedures and it gives the right to mark the output with the CE mark and it’s the pass to European market.