In order that your goods freely crossed border, the customs officers as a rule demand allowing documents on this production, such as UkrSEPRO certificate or Declaration of conformity. But in those cases when products are not covered by technical regulations or the small quantity of production is taken, it is necessary to issue the decision for customs or it is also named as exemption letter.

The exemption letter – is the official document that asserts that product does not require obligatory certification and/or declaring in Ukraine. Exemption letters share on two types: for trade and for customs clearance of cargoes.

Such letter has to be issued on the blank sheet of certification body and affixed with the seal of this body.

All necessary product data and the contract, passing through customs control are mentioned in the letter. This letter is only the document for granting to the custom organizations and doesn't guaranty the quality of products at all.

To find out if your products require obligatory certification and/or are covered by technical regulations or it is possible to issue the exemption letter, you need to address to experts of our certification center for CONSULTATION.

It is necessary to provide the following information to issue the exemption letter:

  • name of goods
  • customs code
  • delivery contract;
  • invoice;
  • product description;
  • technical characteristics (schemes, graphical representations, specifications);
  • passport or safety data sheet (if any).