Certification of products – it is conformity assessment procedures according to the specified requirements (it can be standards, rules, regulations, etc.). The result of certification is assessment of conformity and granting the right to mark products with the conformity mark.

Voluntary and obligatory certification is distinguished. In legislatively regulated sphere (UkrSERO) certification bodies are authorized by the government to carry out these works. In the sphere of conformity assessment at the initiative of the producer (or the supplier) — voluntary certification is issued — a key factor is existence of the confirmed technical competence (accreditation).

Obligatory certification – it is documented product conformity with obligatory requirements by authorized organizations. Obligatory, in this case, are those requirements which fully ensure safety of people, their health and property, environmental security, technical and information compatibility and exchangeability of products, and other demands which are made due to unification of control methods and markings. The list of products of obligatory certification is established by types of products, normative documents and obligatory parameters for such products. It is not allowed to produce, import and sell products without UkrSEPRO certificate.

Voluntary certification is carried out at the initiative of manufacturers, suppliers, and also sellers of products for the purpose to confirm that their products fulfill all the applicable requirements. Voluntary certification helps to drive up demands for this products by spreading the information about its high quality and safety, helping consumers with production choice.

Voluntary certification has wider spread, than obligatory. In this case the applicant himself defines certification borders, i.e. what requirements of quality certification body has to confirm or disprove. Many manufacturers are interested in obtaining certificate of conformity according to the international and European standards, pointing on the improvement in the quality of products, and also making it competitive both as in domestic market, and external.

Preparing of document for certification depends on:

  • particular characteristics and complexity of the declared goods;
  • existence of certificates and test reports on this type of product;
  • certification scheme;
  • quantity of goods which is subject to certification (a batch, serial production or the contract);
  • specific features of the products.