Competition in the certification services and conformity assessment has always been and remains high. It is always difficult to come up with something new and unique, where strict limits are fixed where all procedures are prescribed precisely and unambiguously, where you can not make mistakes! However, the methods of providing services can and should be improved.

The history of the company began in 2007 with the establishment of a consultation center for the development and implementation of quality management systems (QMS) according to ISO 9001. In the period from 2007 to 2010, more than 100 QMS were developed and implemented by the auditors of our center.

Among the clients of our company were:

  • manufacturers of light industrial goods;
  • heavy industry;
  • electronics manufacturers and automation product
  • service providers and construction companies.

During this period, specialists of the company have developed and implemented QMS for state authority. It is worth mentioning that the development and implementation of QMS for the State Board of Consumer rights protection was the first in Ukraine for the bodies involved in the government quality control of sold products and services. Nowadays, our developments are used in the QMS generation in other region governments.

In 2010, the company "Ukrstandartsertifikatsiya" was founded, which joined together product certification and SQM development experts. This has opened up new opportunities for the realization of the potential of young professionals which were gathered in one team. Based on the principles of continuous improvement of the service quality, our company has developed its own, unique method of product certification and SQM development First of all, we did not struggle against our competitors, we made them our partners. For less than 4 years, we increased the profit of the company by 10 times. During this time, we have conducted more than 2000 works on certification of products and QMS audits

The geography of our clients is constantly expanding. We cooperate with producers from Poland, Turkey, Germany, Italy, China, Russia.

Professional certification of products allows our clients to feel confidence in tomorrow, to increase marketability of products, so keeping confidence that their products are in reliable hands.