sert soot tr smallVoluntary certification is carried out when confirmation of requirements of the existing requirements is not provided by the law (Production isn't included in the List of products of obligatory certification). In that case, the producer (the importer, the supplier) on a voluntary basis can receive independent confirmation of qualitative and other advantages of production (services) through voluntary certification.

Certification of products and management system are carried out on a voluntary basis.

The certificate is issued on the security form of the Certification System in which works are carried out.

Certification is carried out by certification bodies which are accredited by National Agency on Accreditation of Ukraine (NAAU) and confirmed the technical competence on compliance to the European norms and the international standards EN 45011, ISO/IEC 17021

Voluntary certification is carried out for the purpose of competitive growth and confirmation of product quality (or services), increase in commodity turnover and a gain of trust from consumers. Such certificate allows to participate effectively in tenders, more actively win the Ukrainian and foreign markets.

Voluntary certification is regulated by the law of Ukraine "About technical regulations and compliance verification procedure ".

The voluntary certificate in Ukrekspertiza System can be received on any kind of product.

It is necessary to provide the following information for the voluntary certificate:

  • name of goods
  • customs code
  • product description;
  • test probe (or test report);
  • technical characteristics (schemes, graphical representations, specifications);
  • passport or safety data sheet (if any);
  • invoice, delivery contract *;
  • declarations and certificates of other countries (if any).

* for batch of goods