OHSAS 18001 - is the international standard regulating requirements to Occupational health and safety management. It gives opportunities to the enterprise to cope with production risks and to improve process of production.

Conformity with OHSAS 18001 standard demonstrate aspiration of the enterprise to ensure safety and protection of the employees. This standard is directed to prevent and reduce of accidents, and cases involving loss of life, equipment, time, and also prevention of negative impact on environment. The standard is universal and can be applicable for any organizations which are occupied in different kinds of activity and involved in different fields of industry.

OHSAS 18001 standard – is the international document where the system of risks management and increase of production safety is accurately written. Many enterprises implement this system in order to ensure compliance with changing legislative requirements.

LLC “Ukrstandartsertifikatsiya” can help with working out and certification of occupational safety system of any industry, type of ownership and a field of activity, and OHSAS 18001 certification.

Advantages from implementation of OHSAS 18001 standard at the enterprise are obvious:

  • quantity reduction of accidents and, as a result, accident elimination;
  • reduction of possible risks, and expenditures for penalty provision costs of payment of penalties to the controlling organizations;
  • the organization of production according to legislative requirements;
  • rigid structuring of responsibility and powers;
  • receiving the profitable credits in connection with reputation of the stable enterprise;
  • advantage with participation in tenders and auctions;
  • appeal to partners, investors and consumers, including foreign ones;
  • increase in profits due to reduction of risks;
  • improvement of moral environment in the company;
  • cost reduction direct and indirect.

OHSAS 18001 certificate is actual for the enterprises, activity of which is connected with risk of emergency occurrence, leading to danger for health and survival of the staff. It is confirmation of the fact that organization knows and controls all risks which exist both in daily work, and in emergency situation.