tamog soyuz smallIn 2007 Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan concluded special Product Agreement named the United Customs Union. According to this agreement the products imported, and exported from this countries must have Certificate of conformity which defines a range of the obligatory requirements determined by the Custom Union.

This list consists of 205 products which require obligatory declaring, and 51 points of goods which require obligatory certification. The certificate of the Customs Union is issued both on single-unit production, and on the serial. Certificate validity interval is from 1 to 5 years. According to it, products having such certification are marked by a special CU icon, that means full conformity of goods with the required standards.

Companies that are a part of Unified Register of certification are only liable to issue the certification of conformity of the Customs Union.They have the appropriate legal authority and level of accreditation and also a group of trained and experienced professionals to issue the certification.

When a company receives this certification, it enjoys the following benefits:

  - a vast market for it’s products;
  - acknowledgement that the products meet all the necessary requirements of the CU;
  - partners and investors appeal wich belong to CU;
  - o increase in profits

Ukrstandartsertifikatsya offers it’s services to issue the certificate of conformity of the Customs Union for your organization.

To issue certificate or declaration of the Customs Union the following information is necessary:

  1. Signed application with the seal.
  2. Organizational documents of the applicant.
  3. Product description, machinery with all models, types and descriptions of their differences from each other.
  4. specifications, exploitative documents, technical characteristics, schemes, graphical representations.
  5. A photo of data plate of the actual equipment, each model \type of the maximum output.
  6. The list of documents according to which the products are made (standards, specifications, directives, norms and so forth).