gostr smallAnalog of the Ukrainian system of UkrSEPRO certification on the territory of Russia is the System of GOST R, which unites all types of products, requiring obligatory certification on the basis of the Law "Concerning the Protection of Consumers' Rights".

Nowadays, the Russian Federation is the main consumer of the Ukrainian products (export of the Ukrainian goods to the Russian Federation in 2012 exceeded 17 billion U.S. dollars).

The base of the GOST standards is steadily developing, using long-term scientific experience and the best work practices. Trust level to these standards is very high. That’s why all producers tending to enter into the Russian market must have GOST R certificate of conformity. The list of goods and services which require obligatory certification is regulated by the February RF Government Regulation of 2010 (link). For other types of production certification in a voluntary order is carried out.

The LLC “Ukrstandartsertifikatsya” helps in GOST R certification, beginning from consulting services and to carrying out all necessary required actions to issue it.