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sertifikat smallUKRSEPRO Certificate is an official document confirming that the products meet the mandatory statutory requirements with respect to its security and entered in the register of certified products in the territory of Ukraine (UKRSEPRO System Registry).

UKRSEPRO Certification receive a term of one to five years, depending on the type of product and certification scheme. The schema defines the customer, and may include the following stages: selection and testing of product samples, the analysis of the manufacturer's documentation, production inspection, assessment (certification) of quality management system.

Certification in UkrSEPRO System supposes following steps of work:

  - draw up an application form;
  - providing all necessary information about the product/service (model, description, code, information about manufacturer, etc.);
  - definition of the certification scheme;
  - conclusion of contract and payment according to this contract;
  - performance the whole range of works;
  - issue of the UkrSEPRO certificate of conformity for the provided term within the agreed timescale.

Certification in UkrSEPRO System is regulated by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers "About standardization and certification" from May 10, 1993 of No. 46-93.

The list of products of obligatory certification in Ukraine is presented in the Order of State consumer standard of Ukraine from February 01, 2005 of No. 28.

The following information is necessary to issue UkrSEPRO Certificate:

   - data on the producer;
   - data on the applicant;
   - letter of authority from the producer on the applicant (if it is different legal entities);
   - data on production (description, composition, technical characteristics, operating principles, field of application /use area etc.);
   - test reports and certificates received in other countries (if any);<
   - contract and invoice / warehouse reference for products’ batch certification or a single product.