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  • Our experience creates the result!

    9 years in the sphere of certification!

    1 200 clients!

    10 000 works are performed;

    The first Ukrainian company which gained recognition for works in the European conformity assessment system

  • Our experience creates the result!

    Certification of: experience more than 7 years

    More than 4 500 certificates on goods and services are issued

  • Our experience creates the result!

    Quality Management Systems: experience of 9 years!

    ISO 9001, 22000, 14001: more than 80 systems are introduced

  • Our experience creates the result!

    International certification: experience of 5 years;

    CE, CU, GOST R: 45 certificates are issued;

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 UKRSepro Certification;
 Declaration of conformity TR;
 Letter of exemption;
 Certificate of conformity of type;
 Sanitary and epidemiological inspection report;
 CE certificate;
 Certificate and Declaration of the Customs Union;
 Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001/22000/14000/18001/50001;

 Technical Regulation (working out and registration);
 Registration of medical products;
 Registration of fertilizers, agrochemicals and pesticides;
 Conclusion of the Security Service of Ukraine;
 Permissions of Ukrainian frequency inspection;
 Permissions to dangerous goods and waste products
 и  and there are a lot of other specific and more exotic documents.


Work scheme of our company

consultation with
our expert

signing of the contract,

performance of work
according to the draft of a document;

issue of the certificate,
delivery of original document


Declaration of conformity TR
UkrSEPRO System
Voluntary certification
EC type-examination certificate
Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion
European certificate
QMS ISO 9001
The Certificate of conformity of the Customs Union
GOST R Certificate
Exemption letter

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • What is the declaration of assessment? +

    It is the document of compliance of the delivered products to the requirements, specified in normative documents and compliance to technical regulations.
  • What does voluntary certification give you? +

    product appeal for the consumers;
    competitiveness of products;
    to have an advantages in tenders;
    assurance of the producer or supplier in the quality of products.
  • LLC “Ukrstandartsertifikaziya” carries out works on obligatory and voluntary certification of the following types of products: +

    1. Construction materials, products and designs;
    2. Cabling and wiring products;
    3. Packaging materials;
    4. Utensil;
    5. Means of individual protection of the workers;
    6. Paint and varnish products;
    7. Welding materials;
    8. Toys;
    9. Light industrial goods;
    10. Metal, alloy and articles made there from;
    11. Furniture and furniture parts and many other things.

    At certification of products which is made serially with term of validity of the certificate of conformity 2,3,5 years, the applicant can be only the production manufacturer or his authorized representative. In this case the production manufacturer must give a power of attorney to his authorized representative.
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